PD Web-based Solutions

Putting you in control of all your HV assets

Our web-based solutions provide the means for you to centrally view PD location and analyse PD activity. In combination with our PD Detection and PD Location systems, this forms an end-to-end solution for condition monitoring. Our current IT solutions are NServer and NServer Monitor.

NServer is a scalable server which is installed at your premises. It handles the processing and preparation of data for presentation in the web portal, as well as SMS/Email alerting.

NServer Monitor is a hosted version of Elimpus NServer. We handle the hosting and maintenance of the system, as well as providing updates to the web portal and back-end systems. NServer Monitor is suitable for utilities with strict network security policies; or those who simply prefer the maintenance, backup and updating of the system to be handled for them.

The Elimpus NServer web portal enables continuous web-based condition monitoring, and comes integrated with the above systems. Information is presented graphically, enabling you to quickly identify the most serious issues and concentrate on these. We classify data based on an extensive database of fault conditions. The system's user-configurable SMS/Email alerting feature instantly notifies you of critical activity.

Elimpus4 Fixed

Elimpus NServer

A secure IT infrastructure, communicating with substation systems.

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Elimpus4 Mobile

Elimpus NServer Monitor

The data-processing power and features of NServer, leaving bandwidth and server maintenance to us.

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Elimpus4 Mobile

Elimpus NServer Web Portal

Integral to NServer, a data analysis suite allowing operators to pinpoint PD activity within substations and keeping them instantly up to date on emerging faults.

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