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Elimpus NServer Monitor

Elimpus NServer Monitor

Elimpus NServer Monitor is a hosted IT infrastructure, with the power to process PD data from multiple sites for fault-classification, trending and data-analysis purposes. Substation-based systems communicate with Elimpus NServer Monitor , transmitting data and receiving commands. The system includes a state-of-the-art web portal, allowing you to view PD locations and related activity from all your substations, from the comfort of your desk.

With Elimpus NServer Monitor, we not only provide the hardware and data storage infrastructure, but also the rack-space and bandwidth for the NServer web portal. This may be more suitable for you than NServer because of your organisation's network security policy; or simply because you would prefer our engineers to handle the security, upgrading, maintenance and backup of the hardware.

User convenience Elimpus NServer Monitor allows you to monitor any number of substations from your desk. All our systems can be monitored via the web portal: Elimpus1, Elimpus4 Fixed and Elimpus4 Mobile
Real-time monitoring Our efficient communications software means that data relating to PD activity is available on the web portal almost immediately after the event occurs; you can also configure SMS and Email alarming through the web portal, to trigger when critical activity is detected on site. This is an important safety feature when the substation is manned.
Optional enhancements The modular architecture of the Elimpus NServer Monitor web portal allows us to offer plugins to enhance the user experience and range of functionality available to you. See the brochure for details.
Security Elimpus NServer Monitor is secured using SSL encryption technology, meaning that data passed between the server and your browser is scrambled.
Usability The Elimpus NServer Monitor web portal has been designed and developed from the ground up with usability in mind. It can abstract away unimportant details, presenting high-level information to you regarding overall substation health. This allows you to home in on the most critical problems first.
Setup speed Once a new substation system is installed, you can login to the NServer Monitor almost immediately to configure your settings and view partial discharge activity.
Automatic upgrades We are always optimising our systems and adding functionality to enable you to analyse the data you need more quickly and with greater efficiency. Since Elimpus NServer Monitor is hosted, you can let us take care of any software updates or upgrades to the back-end systems. This means that you will always be using the latest release of the web portal.