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Elimpus NServer Web Portal

Elimpus NServer Web Portal is a web-based data presentation and analysis suite and is an integral feature of our NServer family of solutions.

It allows condition monitoring data to be accessed by multiple users from your organisation, facilitating quicker decision making, information sharing and strategic collaboration. The Web Portal uses abstraction to give users a high-level view of all remote sites, allowing them to drill-down to more detailed information when convenient. Graphical displays and multiple perspectives on data-sets allow even inexperienced operators to interpret and analyse trends.

Elimpus NServer Web Portal features integrated security; along with personalised management settings - meaning that users can decide on the data they wish to view.

Enables collaboration The user-friendly system empowers your employees by connecting them all to a consistent view of the relevant data.
User-configurable interface Includes an innovative "Digital Dashboard" interface. This flexible web application allows users to monitor multiple remote systems simultaneously, updating the data in real-time. Users can also customise their view by dragging and dropping content, combining multiple views of each data set, and sorting controls by any metric. The current settings and layout are automatically preserved, so that the same controls are instantly available when the user logs in subsequently.
User-configurable alarming Each user can configure their own alarming options (e.g.: sites to alarm for; alarming functions; alarm timing) and setup automated report generation, all from within the web portal.
Powerful data-driven features Provides powerful PD Location, Data Analysis and PD Classification right in your browser. Drill-down from a higher-level multi-system overview to enable detailed analysis and trending of fault locations and conditions for a specific site.
Intelligent client applications We provide client-based desktop applications, for use in tandem with the web portal, or alone. These can update you on the status of all sites automatically, without the need to open your web browser.
No IT installation overhead When integrated with NServer Monitor, no IT installation is needed at your premises. Our engineers will provide you with secure access to your own hosted web portal, allowing you to view activity from all your substations, whilst handling all IT maintenance responsibilities (including data backups) and back-end software updates.
Easy to learn and use We decided to use web-based technologies to ensure that users would start off in a familiar environment; thereby minimising the training needed to get up to speed.