Elimpus4 Fixed

Elimpus4 Fixed consists of a permanently installed antenna array with a partial discharge monitoring unit and communications hardware capable of locating PD throughout even the largest substations. The antennas are installed in weatherproof enclosures and can be fitted onto buildings or poles depending on your requirements for optimal coverage of equipment. The monitoring and communications hardware is installed is rack-space nearby.

Information output from Elimpus4 Fixed can be visualised and analysed through our NServer or NServer Monitor IT solutions, allowing utilities to view the condition of the substation in real-time via a state-of-the-art web interface, which can also classify PDs and send alarms to users by SMS and Email. The unit can communicate either over a wired IP network or wirelessly, and can be managed and configured remotely.

Non-intrusive Based on our established radiometric partial discharge monitoring technology, Elimpus4 Fixed can accurately locate partial discharge without needing physical contact with the equipment. It can detect any number of PD sources simultaneously. It communicates wirelessly, meaning there are no issues with firewalls or network security policies.
Accurate Elimpus4 Fixed has been proven to detect PD 150 metres away to sub-metre accuracy. The elevated antenna array gives the system a very long range. Combined with NServer's web portal interface, this allows you to: precisely identify PD activity throughout a substation; make informed decisions about the future of your high-voltage plant; where necessary, plan for the replacement of equipment nearing the end of its life.
Autonomous The system is self-managing and is capable of unattended operation. It can be remotely configured and maintained, and is able to cope with power outages and network failures automatically.
Continuous Monitoring The system continuously scans for unknown sources of PD and analyses known PD activity. Since PD can be an unpredictable phenomenon, a continuous monitoring system allows you to make historical comparisons, in order to visualise developing trends in PD activity.
Real-time monitoring Combined with our NServer web portal and alerting plugin, you can stay informed about the current state of your equipment, 24/7, wherever you are.