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PDtect®4 Surveyor

PDtect®4 Surveyor is a product specifically designed to mount on the roof of a vehicle for use in conducting radiometric surveys of substations to detect the presence of partial discharge (PD) through the reception of radio frequency impulses emitted from stressed insulation.

The PDtect®4 Surveyor is designed to be easily transportable and simply assembled on site. Mobility and ease of use allow utilities to conduct their own simple surveys of substations to detect, locate, record and analyse PD activity on site.

Easy to use Bespoke ultra-high-speed recording unit is powered from vehicle 12 Vdc system. Analysis software run on a client supplied laptop presents graphical data to the user and records results.
Fast to deploy The PDtect®4 Surveyor brings the benefits of Elimpus’ PDtect®4 technology to a mobile platform which can be rapidly deployed and easily manoeuvred within the substation environment. PDtect®4 Surveyor can be fitted onto any vehicle that has roof bars or rails to mount the 4 antenna frame
Easy to assemble Modular array frame of dimensions 1.125 x 1.42 m. All component parts are lightweight for easy handling. Packs into a 0.8 x 0.52 x 0.31 m flight case.