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Condition Monitoring at world’s most powerful hydro-electric dam

Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam is the largest operational hydroelectric energy producer in the world, with an installed generation capacity of 14GW. The plant is operated by Itaipu Binacional and located on the border between Brazil and Paraguay. Energy generated by Itaipu helps meet demands from the two countries. In 2016, the Itaipu Dam’s hydroelectric power plant set […]

Elimpus – Our Innovative Approach To Partial Discharge Testing

There are numerous considerations when considering how to detect and monitor partial discharge in high voltage equipment. Elimpus’ approach to Innovative Partial Discharge Testing is straightforward. It should be easy to implement without the need for outages and rapidly deployable. With this as the starting point, Elimpus provides both services and products that utilise radiometric principles […]

Elimpus Install Vaisala Online DGA

Elimpus Ltd has installed several of Vaisala’s online transformer monitoring solutions on behalf of Scottish Power, a leading British energy provider, to provide real-time condition updates at key sites. In one particular case the Optimus DGA Monitor OPT100 will give continuous updates on Scottish Power’s 1000MVA auto transformer and monitor for the impact of geomagnetically […]