Cloud – Online Partial Discharge Monitoring

Our cloud enables online partial discharge monitoring from the detect/locate/monitor portfolio with a user interface to provide interrogation options.

The NServer/Cloud server has three main functions: data processing/enrichment, alerting, and web hosting. Options exist for unmapped application, e.g. sensors directly connected to GIS and data is unique to each sensor. For mapped substations, over air detection, an overlay of site is displayed showing the PD source location.

online partial discharge monitoring
online partial discharge monitoring

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  • Secure access with user permissions (basic, super user and admin)
  • Multiple sites connected for efficient online partial discharge monitoring
  • Different view selections from menu;
    Date, Site, PD Location/Classification, Data Analysis
  • Dashboard is customisable to show any of the controls chosen
  • Weather data (optional added feature)
  • View History range selectable


  • Rapid Response

    We can respond quickly to urgent survey requirements. Once on site, a survey can be conducted in a few hours. The associated report is usually prepared within a week of the survey date.

  • Self Contained

    There is no requirement to connect the vehicle within the substation; everything is contained within the vehicle. Using our software, the operator can monitor activity while moving. Once PD is found, the vehicle moves into different positions to pinpoint the source.

  • Utilises Our Expertise

    Some of the effects measured by the system will be benign (e.g.: dry-band arcing); but most PD emissions represent dielectric stresses that should not be present in high-voltage equipment. From our extensive experience in performing surveys, we are able to distinguish between benign and problematic emissions. This experience enables us to create an informed, accurate report on the survey, along with our view on how to tackle each PD issue.

  • Flexible

    Radiometric PD Surveys can be used to supplement our Elimpus PD detection system, by locating the source of any partial discharge activity detected by the unit. Radiometric PD Surveys are also ideal for use as part of a regular preventative maintenance schedule.