Online SF6 Monitoring

SF6 is a fluorinated greenhouse gas which has the highest Global Warming Potential (GWP) of any fluorinated gas. 1kg of SF6 has the GWP of 22800kg of Co2 therefore it is essential to minimise the amount of SF6 entering the atmosphere. It is used in HV electrical applications due to its exceptional dielectric strength.

AIS circuit breakers are typically installed outdoors due to the space required for substations and are thus open to the elements. This can cause leaks in the equipment due to weather and aging. Owners of these critical assets are now looking to detect, record and repair leaks wherever possible in order to minimize their impact on the environment and meet their Net Zero targets. This is only possible to do accurately with measurement technology.

Tasked with installing SF6 density monitoring technology on 132kV AIS circuit breakers, Elimpus have designed an online solution to integrate any type of gas density sensor onto a manifold for connection to an existing filling port whilst still maintaining the availability of the filling port. No degassing is required with minimal time to install.

For further details on Online SF6 Gas Density monitoring solutions to help you manage SF6 filled assets, contact us here or using the details below.