Vaisala OPT100 DGA Fully Installed and Commissioned within 12 Hour Outage

With just 2 weeks notice from customer to supply and install an Online DGA we were up against it. However with the dedicated support of Vaisala and determination of Elimpus Service Team – we made it happen. Full installation and commission of a Vaisala maintenance free OPT100 within a 12 hour outage window.

Elimpus Install Vaisala Online DGA

Elimpus Ltd has installed several of Vaisala’s online transformer monitoring solutions on behalf of Scottish Power, a leading British energy provider, to provide real-time condition updates at key sites.

In one particular case the Optimus DGA Monitor OPT100 will give continuous updates on Scottish Power’s 1000MVA auto transformer and monitor for the impact of geomagnetically induced currents on the asset.

DGA Case Study