Elimpus commence roll out of SF6 monitoring solution

Sulfur hexafluoride
Sulfur hexafluoride

This month Elimpus commenced a programme of work to roll out SF6 Gas density monitoring solutions for AIS circuit breakers in substations throughout Scotland. This online solution covers a wide range of circuit breaker manufacturers and allows asset owners to quickly detect and repair leakages of SF6 – one of the most potent greenhouse gases known.

For further details on how to minimise the effect of SF6 leakage through online monitoring see our Online SF6 Monitoring page.


Vaisala OPT100 DGA fully installed and commissioned within 12 hour outage

With just 2 weeks notice from customer to supply and install an Online DGA we were up against it. However with the dedicated support of Vaisala and determination of Elimpus Service Team – we made it happen. Full installation and commission of a Vaisala maintenance free OPT100 within a 12 hour outage window.

Elimpus attending ENI Summit 2022

ENI Summit 2022

Elimpus will be attending the ENI Summit this year at SEC.  Come and join us at stand C5 to discuss how we can help you with your condition monitoring needs.

Industry expert accolade for Elimpus at CIGRE 2020

Elimpus have been recognised for their presentation at CIGRE 2020 entitled  “In-Service Diagnosis of Grading Capacitor Dielectric Deterioration”. The presentation picked up a ‘best paper’ award and was made by the A3 Study Committee, industry experts in Transmission and Distribution Equipment.

A copy of the presentation will be published in the CIGRE Science & Engineering (CSE) journal and can be found here.

Originally scheduled to exhibit at CIGRE 2020 and present the paper, the presentation was given virtually due to current restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. ” It was a novel experience and presented some challenges ” said Phil Moore , Technical Director and co founder of Elimpus. ” However, its been very worthwhile. It’s flattering to be acknowledged in this way by peers and industry experts. Equally exciting is the opportunity to share knowledge and the prospects of it being used for further innovation and development.  It is our goal at Elimpus to turn  knowledge into business as usual solutions that benefit the industry and its customers”.

The knowledge and concepts shared in the paper are already part of an internal research and development project at Elimpus.  Diagnosis in service of deteriorating dielectric is fundamental to preventing  potential failures. And its not just limited to capacitors.  Technology for monitoring circuit breaker is under development and investigation at test sites within the UK. A successful outcome to the project would result in the availability of a monitoring device that can detect potential problems before they become unplanned outages, avoiding environmental impacts and costly reparations. 


CIGRE is a global community of electricity industry professionals. They are committed to the collaborative development and sharing power system expertise worldwide. The community features thousands of professionals from over 90 countries and 1250 member organisations and includes some of the world’s leading experts.


Elimpus provides condition monitoring products and services to the electricity supply industry. They are specialist in the detection, location, and online monitoring of partial discharge.

Contact Elimpus . If you require more information on this subject, have specific partial discharge related issues or general asset condition monitoring queries.

Elimpus installs condition monitoring equipment on National Grid transformers

Supergrid Transformer

Transformer Sensor Instsall


Elimpus has completed the installation of thermal monitoring equipment on several of National Grid’s supergrid transformers in the south of England. The monitoring equipment supports a joint research project between National Grid and the University of Southampton  which is investigating the Condition and Climatic Environment for Power Transformers (ConCEPT) – an NIA funded Innovation Project.

Elimpus provide Partial Discharge detection and location services as well as managing the process of delivering specialist condition monitoring systems to National Grids assets infrastructure.

LCNI 2019 Conference & Exhibition

Elimpus Stand

Very successful #LCNI2019 conference and exhibition at the SEC in Glasgow where Elimpus were able to demonstrate two current NIA funded projects supported by Scottish Power Energy Networks and UKPN. Our innovative use of radiometric technology to accurately detect and locate Arc Faults on distribution networks  (RAFL) will shortly be tested at the PNDC in Cumbernauld whilst our Energy Harvesting prototype has been successfully relaying meteorological information to a cloud server since February this year. No batteries or back up – just energy harvested from 400kV conductors. Elimpus are now looking at a variety of potential applications for this technology including line sag measurement, thermal rating and monitoring of remote cable sealing ends.

#LCNI2019 was also a great opportunity to update existing customers and inform potential new customers of our Partial Discharge products and services  as well as our Condition Monitoring system integration capabilities. 

Continued Success in 2019

From its origins as a technology spin out from Strathclyde University, Elimpus has solidified its position as one of the foremost experts in the field of Partial Discharge in HV equipment. It offers career options both from a practical position with a significant on site presence and in the development area where new products and innovation will maintain the growth of the company as condition monitoring is universally adopted by utlities.

In 2019 we are already looking to add to both our field and development staff to support our plans and currently have an opening for a senior field engineer. Interested in joining Elimpus, please send us your Career Inquiry using the contact for on our Contact page.

Elimpus – Our Innovative Approach To Partial Discharge Testing

There are numerous considerations when considering how to detect and monitor partial discharge in high voltage equipment. Elimpus’ approach to Innovative Partial Discharge Testing is straightforward. It should be easy to implement without the need for outages and rapidly deployable. With this as the starting point, Elimpus provides both services and products that utilise radiometric principles in detection, location and online monitoring of partial discharge. Simple realisation of this is found in our PDtect®2 which is non contact, non-invasive and requires only a single operator.

Elimpus Install Vaisala Online DGA

Elimpus Ltd has installed several of Vaisala’s online transformer

monitoring solutions on behalf of Scottish Power, a leading British

energy provider, to provide real-time condition updates at key sites.

In one particular case the Optimus DGA Monitor OPT100 will give

continuous updates on Scottish Power’s 1000MVA auto transformer

and monitor for the impact of geomagnetically induced currents on

the asset.

DGA Case Study


Service is an important part of the Elimpus offering. It allows us to keep in touch with the real needs at the customer sites and enable customers to benefit from the broad experience of the Elimpus staff.

We are delighted to be recognised by the UK National Grid as a highly experienced and customer focused supplier with the award of a new and expanded service contract to cover the large number of GIS sites.