Industry Expert Accolade for Elimpus at CIGRE 2020

Elimpus have been recognised for their presentation at CIGRE 2020 entitled  “In-Service Diagnosis of Grading Capacitor Dielectric Deterioration”. The presentation picked up a ‘best paper’ award and was made by the A3 Study Committee, industry experts in Transmission and Distribution Equipment.

A copy of the presentation will be published in the CIGRE Science & Engineering (CSE) journal and can be found here.

Originally scheduled to exhibit at CIGRE 2020 and present the paper, the presentation was given virtually due to current restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. ” It was a novel experience and presented some challenges ” said Phil Moore , Technical Director and co founder of Elimpus. ” However, its been very worthwhile. It’s flattering to be acknowledged in this way by peers and industry experts. Equally exciting is the opportunity to share knowledge and the prospects of it being used for further innovation and development.  It is our goal at Elimpus to turn  knowledge into business as usual solutions that benefit the industry and its customers”.

The knowledge and concepts shared in the paper are already part of an internal research and development project at Elimpus.  Diagnosis in service of deteriorating dielectric is fundamental to preventing  potential failures. And its not just limited to capacitors.  Technology for monitoring circuit breaker is under development and investigation at test sites within the UK. A successful outcome to the project would result in the availability of a monitoring device that can detect potential problems before they become unplanned outages, avoiding environmental impacts and costly reparations. 


CIGRE is a global community of electricity industry professionals. They are committed to the collaborative development and sharing power system expertise worldwide. The community features thousands of professionals from over 90 countries and 1250 member organisations and includes some of the world’s leading experts.


Elimpus provides condition monitoring products and services to the electricity supply industry. They are specialist in the detection, location, and online monitoring of partial discharge.

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